Many people like to travel. An interesting country in Europe is Ireland. What can you see during a trip to Ireland? Here is a list of some fantastic places to visit in Ireland.

Ireland – why is it worth working and living in this country?

Ireland is an island nation in Western Europe. It is a small country but has many tourist attractions. Many people choose to live and work in Ireland. It is an opportunity to visit this country and have a good job. Why not enhance your CV with a job in Ireland?

Tourist attractions in Ireland

Ireland is an interesting country. It’s worth living and working here. The people of Ireland are very nice. Poles can find a good job in Ireland. There is beautiful nature in this country: mountains, sea and many hiking trails. And what is worth visiting in Ireland?

A beautiful place in Ireland is the Cliffs of Mohera, located on the west side of the island. They are about 8 kilometers long. Next to them there is a former tower – O’Brian’s Tower, which is the highest vantage point in Ireland.

When traveling around Ireland, you can also see another beautiful place – Killandrey National Park. On its territory there are mountains, forests, lakes and wetlands. The park is considered one of the most beautiful places in Ireland and is visited by many domestic and foreign tourists every year. The park is also home to the highest peak in Ireland.
Other interesting places in this country also include the Torc waterfall, the Dunloe mountain gorge, the old defensive tower

Ross Castle, as well as the ruins of a 7th century monastery on Inisfallen.

Dublin – the beautiful capital of Ireland

Dublin is the capital of Ireland as well as a beautiful city. It’s worth in it
see places such as the Guinness Storehouse (breweries of famous beer) and Jameson distillary (museum dedicated to the most famous Irish whiskey). In Dublin, you can also have a good beer in one of the many bars.

Write your CV, find a job and live in Ireland!

If you have a strong CV, are a specialist such as a programmer, or know management, finding a job should not be a problem.

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Many people choose to go to Ireland for financial reasons. It is in Ireland that you can find well-paid jobs and discover attractive places. Many people who previously lived in Ireland and then decided to return there know about it. There are many beautiful places and hiking trails waiting for tourists in Ireland. If you have a car, you can visit fantastic cities and learn about architecture. Many people appreciate multiculturalism. People from different countries work in one company and there is a nice atmosphere. This is one of the many reasons why Europeans choose to go to Ireland to work and live there permanently.


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