How to make almond milk

No need to buy expensive almond milk! Using the recipe below, we can make our own homemade vegetable milk – almond. We use whole almonds for this purpose. How to make almond milk?

Why should you drink almond milk?

Almond drink is made of ground almonds and water, these ingredients can be composed in any way, mixed with ingredients such as sea algae, vanilla or cocoa. As a result, they not only constitute a wealth of vitamins, but also contain an increased portion of calcium, a mineral component that plays a key role in maintaining healthy bones and teeth, and the proper functioning of the endocrine system.

almond milk recipe

In addition to the fact that a drink derived from almonds can be a great way to supplement the daily dose of calcium in the diet, it can also be part of a wide variety of dishes, in particular vegan cuisine, but not only. Almond drink without sugar can also be used to prepare original oriental dishes such as almond soup with rice or oriental pilaf.

Almond drink is an ideal substitute for cow’s milk since the Middle Ages, unlike cow’s milk it does not contain lactose or cholesterol. This drink is 100% vegetable. Almonds have many valuable properties for the body such as: vitamins B, E, PP, fiber, phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium. They also have a lot of health values, among others: preventing diabetes, lowering blood pressure or improving immunity.

Almond milk is rich in fiber, so it improves digestion. It is also low in calories – a glass of cow’s milk has 140 calories and almond milk only 40 calories.

Homemade almond milk is easy to prepare and inexpensive. Below is the recipe for almond milk, but it is equally tasty with hazelnuts or cashews.

Almond milk recipe

You need a glass of almonds, a little salt and maple syrup or other sweetener to taste.

Pour almonds over boiling water for 15 minutes. Drain, peel and pour water over night. Pour out the water and transfer the almonds to a blender and cover with four glasses of water (filtered or boiled cooled). Blend thoroughly, give salt and sweetener to taste. You can also add vanilla for example if you want to make flavored milk. Blend all the time. Drain the resulting milk, preferably with a half-meter cloth folded. The milk prepared in this way is suitable for consumption for 2-3 days.

How to prepare almond butter

If you are wondering what else you can prepare from almonds, we have the answer. Almond butter is very popular. This is a very simple to prepare product, which is a great addition to sandwiches.

Roast almonds in a large dry pan, stirring constantly, should lightly brown. Pour into a mixer or blender and mix occasionally collecting almonds from the edges of the container. It should take you at least 10 minutes.

Only after this time the almonds begin to soften, drain the oil and take on a creamy consistency from the loose consistency to spread the butter. Such a paste is an excellent alternative to peanut butter.



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