How to become a tourist agent

The right approach to the client is very important in the profession of travel agent. You should constantly develop your skills and also always listen to what buyers have to say. Desirable features also include: high personal culture, skills in negotiating and versatility of interests. A travel agent should also be familiar with computer skills and be able to analyze the market. How to become a tourist agent?

What is the work of a travel agent?

Travel agents are required to provide necessary information to buyers, they can also sell airline, train, bus and insurance tickets. Their task is to provide the following information: what vaccinations are necessary (what vaccinations should be carried out), what climatic / atmospheric conditions prevail in a given country / continent, what are the conditions of a planned trip. An important emphasis is also the fact that the travel agent is not liable to the Client(s) for not providing services, as well as for an incorrectly concluded contract.

work as a travel agent

What is a good tourist offer?

All travel agencies sell the same and usually at the same prices, because the contracts force you to watch them. There are several “myków” thanks to which you can lower these prices to be cheaper than the competition. But the most important for you is that a good offer is not only price and product. It’s the whole frame – service, transaction, convenience, speed, reliability and security you give to the client. Here you can win the most, and this is because people want to be sure that they are spending their hard-earned money wisely and well. Sometimes they just prefer to see a “face” that will take responsibility for choosing the best offer and service.

Is it worth setting up your own travel agency?

Establishing a travel agency – unlike a travel agency – does not involve high costs, as well as the need to obtain permission from the provincial office. You also do not need to buy an insurance guarantee and apply for entry in the register of tour operators and travel agents.

What to earn from?

From the income you have to cover the operating costs (advertising, rent, telephones, your salary), therefore the income must be large. To improve the quality of customer service – it’s best if you purchase access to booking systems. Then the comparison of offers will be convenient and quick and the customer will receive information immediately.

Other sources of income are, for example, travel insurance. Although the amounts are small here, it is mainly because customers are happy to buy them, mainly when they go skiing or with children. Commissions are around 8% of the value of insurance and most insurance companies are happy to accept new partners for cooperation. If you do not want to sign contracts with many insurers (it takes a lot of time), all you have to do is sign up for the affiliate program and get access to all travel insurances and their comparators. When an Internet user clicks on the link from your site and buys insurance – then you will be charged a commission.



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