Are you wondering how to get pregnant twin? Read or listen and find out if there are ways to increase the likelihood of conceiving twins. A twin pregnancy is pregnancy under special supervision, and taking care of two babies is a real challenge. But having twins is also a great joy, that’s why many couples dream of twins.

When are the odds greater?


Twins are more often born when twin pregnancies occurred in the future mother’s family. The presence of twins in Dad’s family does not matter. The “blame” for multiple pregnancy is borne by the woman’s ability to “hyperovulate”, i.e. produce more than one egg at a time during one ovulation cycle. And it’s probably a hereditary trait.

Another pregnancy

Previous pregnancies also increase the chances of twin pregnancies. Women who, after a fourth pregnancy or more, are more likely to have twins. A woman’s body adjusts when she knows that a woman has a predisposition to do so. Among the many families with a dozen or more children, we can see an increasing number of twin births.


Look carefully at the faces of women who are walking around the park with double strollers. They already have fine mesh wrinkles around the eyes, right? The thirty-year-old organism is aware that in their case the extension of the species becomes less and less likely. That is why, in mature women, it is more common for not one but several eggs to be released during one menstrual cycle.

having twins

How to increase your chances

Are you breastfeeding? It’s your time

If you are breastfeeding and would like to have twins, this may be a good time to apply right now. Moms who breastfed during conception, became pregnant nine times more often than those who did not.

It is worth changing your diet

It is worth including tapioca, starch obtained from cassava root in your diet. It is available in the form of balls, which after cooking are a component of desserts and bubble tea. In regions where this ingredient is eaten, women are more likely to give birth to twins.

Drink milk!

Women who are vegan have a much lower chance of twins (i.e. they do not eat meat, fish, eggs and dairy products). New York researcher Gary Steinman has calculated that vegans are twelve times less likely to get pregnant. Why? They probably lack the IGF (Insulin like Growth Factor) substance found in milk and meat, which stimulates embryos to grow in the first weeks of pregnancy and allows both embryos to grow.

Folic acid

Every woman of childbearing potential should take folic acid at a dose of 0.4 mg (400 μg) per day. This is important because folic acid is necessary for proper fetal development and should be taken at least six weeks before conception.

If you want to have twins, the more you should take care of supplying this component to the body, because it increases the chances of getting pregnant twin.


As it turns out, taller women who weigh more than slim and short have a better chance of giving birth to twins. If it’s necessary, try to gain some weight, but all within reason.



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